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Some Great Videos About Key Issues

"Chronicle of the Billboard Wars" Documentary

The website features video chapters from this on-going documentary that scenic advocate and nationally respected video producer Ossian Or is creating as he travels across America to places where these battles are being fought. To date, five chapters are posted including the impressive victories by the citizens of Rapid City, SD and Tacoma, WA who stopped digital billboard proliferation in its tracks at the city level. Their successes have inspired others to take on the challenge like St. Petersburg, FL. where the City Council got the strong message from the public that digital billboards are not wanted there.

New to the Subject? START HERE!

This excellent Scenic America's Brochure is organized to help you sort through all of the issues and considerations. Digital Billboards are an extremely complex issue and this piece can equip you with a solid foundation for meetings and give you a basis to fully understand various governmental, citizen and industry arguments on this issue.

Industry Insider Sheds Light on Why THEY Want a Deal

Webpage from St. Petersburg, FL containing Richard Erickson's letter about Rope-A-Dope sales strategy and the specific financial advantages to the billboard companies for making these deals. The specifics on retiring older format billboards are enlightening. This letter was written to assist his local Scenic Affiliate in Texas, when they were facing the Billboard industry on this issue. Former industry insiders don't want these billboards in THEIR neighborhoods either.

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